Ch 2. Hades and Persephone

Unlike Persephone, I did not yet know of the danger I was in when this man started to pursue me.  My mother also wasn’t there to turn me into a tree, but that’s beside the point.

At the age of fourteen, an attractive, older man messaged me over Facebook, so of course, I answered him.  At first, Sam was just asking me about myself:  What music did I like?  What did I do in my spare time?  The usual, beginning dialogue.  Before too long, we exchanged numbers because at the time, texting was a lot easier than Facebook messaging (this was the time before smartphones, after all).

Once we started texting, conversations became more intimate.  He revealed that he was dating someone, but alas, he was unhappy in the relationship.  Why was he unhappy?  His explanation went something like this (keep in mind, this was almost nine years ago, so the wording is off, but the attitude remains):

“I just feel like I’m not able to make her happy.  We’ve been dating for a few years, and she says that she enjoys sex, but she never gets an orgasm.  I think she just can’t, and that just makes it less enjoyable for me.”

After making a statement similar to that, he asked me if I had ever had an orgasm.  Being a naive fourteen year old that still had dial-up internet, I wasn’t even completely sure I knew what an orgasm was.  I told him that I had never had sex before.  He answered that you don’t need to to have sex to have an orgasm (and I’m sure he added a winkie-face).  Now even more confused (as I was sure orgasms had a lot to do with sex), I just told him that I didn’t think I had.  He then proceeded to ask me about my masturbation habits, of which I had none.

Eventually, he asked me to send him a picture of my body.  I remember being scared, but more than that, I didn’t want to disappoint him.  I told him that I didn’t want to send him a picture of myself naked.  He told me I could wear a swimming suit, and that would be fine.  I think these conversations were so exciting and new to me, that I didn’t even see the danger in them.  Before long, he informed me that he had broken up with his girlfriend, and we made plans to meet up for the first time.


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